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"Committed to turning high-risk pregnancies into low-risk deliveries."

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About North Texas Perinatal Associates

North Texas Perinatal Associates, established in August, 1991, has provided Maternal-Fetal Medicine consultative, delivery, and high-risk, complicated pregnancy maternal transfer services to the metropolis and beyond including national and international consultations and maternal transfer services for mothers as far away as Saudi Arabia.

The NTPA practice began with two co-founding members: Dr. Kenneth J. Trimmer and Dr. Michael Cavenee who established offices at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and the Medic al Center of Plano. Within the first year, the doctors added their first satellite clinic at Irving Medical Center which was relocated to the Medical Center of Las Colinas campus where it has provided consultative services to the obstetricians and patients of far west Dallas since 1991.

In March, 1998, NTPA joined forces with Sheridan Healthcare in order to facilitate the growth and expansion of physicians and services provided to the North Dallas area. Shortly thereafter, two additional MFM physicians, Dr. Carol Brown-Elliott and Dr. David Patton joined NTPA in 1999.

Between 1999-2001, the satellite office located at Presbyterian Hospital - Plano; Medical Center of Lewisville, and Las Colinas Medical Center were staffed fully with physicians, medical assistants, office staff and in some locations ultrasound technicians and genetic counselors joined the growing practice. Currently, NTPA provides daily consultative, ultrasound, and genetic services in nine office locations and offers in-hospital consultation and diagnostic services for 14 hospitals across the metropolis.

Today, NTPA is the largest private practice Maternal Fetal Medicine group in North Texas with over 125 years of combined experience in advanced ultrasound technology, fetal diagnosis and therapy, invasive and non-invasive maternal-fetal screening and therapies. Our commitment is to provide supportive partnerships to physicians and their patients by creating a compassionate environment of caring reassurance.

As our mission statement implies: "North Texas Perinatal Associates is committed to turning high risk pregnancies into low risk deliveries."